Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass referral program lets you invite PC friends to try out Game Pass

Microsoft is launching a new refer-a-friend program for Xbox Game Pass that lets you invite friends to try out PC Game Pass. The Refer a Friend Offer is available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members and PC Game Pass members to invite up to five friends for a free 14-day trial of PC Game Pass.

Refer friend invitations are available on the main screen of Game Pass and are only available to send to new friends in Game Pass. Microsoft calls this offer the same way Redfall Debuts on Xbox and PC today, allowing Game Pass members to have friends playing the co-op vampire game.

Microsoft has been focusing on the growth of PC Game Pass lately

If a new Game Pass friend accepts this offer, it means they can’t use another introductory offer later such as the promotional cards that come with the accessory. Microsoft also used to offer $1 trials for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass, but stopped them in March saying it was “running various marketing promotions” for new members. This Refer a Friend Program seems to be the alternative to those $1 experiences.

This PC offer also comes less than a month after Microsoft expanded PC Game Pass to 40 new countries. Microsoft has focused on developing PC Game Pass lately after growth slowed on the console side of the service last year.

“We’re seeing incredible growth on PC… on console, you’ve seen growth slow, mainly because at some point you’ve reached everyone on console who wants to sign up,” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spence said in an interview. in October. Microsoft also said in October that PC Game Pass subscriptions increased 159% year-over-year.

PC Game Pass includes access to all Xbox games on Microsoft’s PC, hundreds of third-party PC games, Bethesda titles for PC, and an EA Play membership to try new releases for up to 10 hours.

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