Mike McDaniel: Competition for RB jobs is fierce

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Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel came to the team after working on Kyle Shanahan’s staff with the 49ers and those offenses made use of a variety of running backs over the years.

It looks like the Dolphins will also be taking the high quantity approach to their backfield. Miami signed Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert and Sony Michel as free agents this offseason and they still have Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed back from last season as well.

At a Sunday press conference, McDaniel was asked how things are lining up in the backfield. He said he doesn’t want to “limit an opportunity by having a preconceived notion” of how the depth chart looks and that he is enjoying having a front row seat to watch everything play out.

“I’m very, very happy with that room,” McDaniel said. “It’s one of my favorite rooms that I have been around. The competition is fierce but they’re bringing the best out of each other. They get along and they’re really – just watch. If your eyes can go fast enough, if there’s a good run, take your eyes and find Eric Studesville, the running backs coach, and find the running backs and they’re all fist-pumping and cheering. It’s awesome. They really root for each other and understand that they want to win the job. They don’t want to be given it at the expense of somebody else.”

The start of preseason games should provide a glimpse into how the Dolphins view their backs, but having a lot of options also makes it likelier that the team will be changing up looks often as the 2022 season unfolds.

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