Minecraft: Trails and Tales update will arrive next month

The long-awaited Minecraft Trails and Tales update will launch for all platforms on Wednesday, June 7th.

This is the update that adds bamboo and cherry trees, the latter of which can be found in a new and rare biome in the Overworld: The Cherry Grove.

Two new mobs also join Minecraft in this update, including camels (large enough to hold two players at once) and Sniffers.

A look at the Minecraft Paths and Tales update in action.

As voted on by the community, Sniffers are Minecraft mobs that you’ll need to bring back to life using the game’s long-awaited archeology mechanic. With a new brush tool, you will be able to remove suspicious sandy spots to find idle sniffing eggs and pottery shards to combine into … pots.

Other extras include hanging streamers, sculpted bookshelves, and stylish armor customization.

Last month, Warner Bros. announced. New release date for the long-awaited Minecraft movie has been announced: April 4, 2025. Jared Hess has been chosen as the director of the Minecraft movie – he previously helmed Jack Black Nacho Libre and the popular comedy Napoleon Dynamite.

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