NASCAR team owner calls Kyle Busch a “Little B****” (Video)

NASCAR team owner calls Kyle Busch a “Little B****” (Video)

Catch up on the behind the scenes drama from Darlington Raceway

Last September, Kyle Busch was involved in a crash at Darlington Raceway. While frustrated, he drove his damaged car back to the garage area. Along his way, he cut the entry to the garage area and ran over cones at an unsafe speed while doing so.

Fans were in that very area. Later that week, NASCAR threw the book at him with a $50,000 fine.

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch fined $50,000

Last Sunday, NASCAR returned to the same South Carolina track. Again, Kyle Busch was sent to the garage area with a crash. Only this time, he did the exact opposite while entering the garage.

On lap 167 of 293, Brad Keselowski smacked the wall off turn two. With nowhere to go, Kyle Busch drove right into the back of him and picked up heavy front end damage.

The left front wheel was completely broken. However, the right side was still turning without issues.

Busch drove it around on the apron of turns three and four. He then drove down the pit lane and began making the turn into the garage area.

Then he parked it. Right on the pit lane, Busch climbed from his car, leaving his car in the parked sideways on the pit lane at the garage entry point.

“I don’t like that at all. He could have done a better job of getting that out of the way,” FOX Sports broadcaster Clint Bowyer stated at the time of the incident. “Just got up and walked off. I get it but you gotta do a little bit better job than that.”

Officials had to hook up the No. 18 car to the tow truck to pull the car the additional 10 feet that he didn’t drive to clear the pit lane.

Busch walked to his hauler. He was later picked up, in street clothes, by officials for the mandatory ride to the care center after the crash.

Kyle Bush

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – JUNE 12: Kyle Busch, driver of the #54 Twix Toyota, gives a thumbs up to fans after winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series Alsco Uniforms 250 at Texas Motor Speedway on June 12, 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Jared C Tilton/Getty Images)

“The No. 6 car blew a right front tire off of two. Had nowhere to go, just got collected up in something not of our doing,” Kyle Busch stated.

“It’s frustrating. It was nice to be running top 5. But, oh well.”

“I just couldn’t make the corner,” Busch clarified of why he didn’t drive the car all the way back to the garage.

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Freddie Kraft

Kraft is the spotter for Bubba Wallace.

“We waited 3 or 4 laps because Kyle Busch’s car was sitting in the middle of pit road,” spotter Freddie Kraft stated on the Door Bumper Clear podcast.

“It was ridiculous, how much time he disrupted the race. I know he was sending his message.”

“You need the Kyle Busch’s of the world because what the hell else we going to talk about? The fact that he went back to last year, ‘They found me $50,000 grand for driving through those cones. You know what? I’m not doing it this time, I’ve park this son of a bitch right here. I’ll get out and you can come get it.’ “

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Tommy Baldwin

“Well, I’ve said it before on my social media and I’ll say it again,” the NASCAR Cup Series car owner Tommy Baldwin opened.

“Kyle Busch is a little bitch. Plain and simple. hey is.”

“If it wasn’t for his talent, there would be no sponsor and no owner that would let him drive a race car. He’s just so far off base on what he does and how he does it.”

“All he did yesterday was disrupt the race. He could have turned into that garage, without a problem.”

Baldwin added, “You gotta applaud his brother on how he was and how he is today. Whoever fixes Kurt, needs to go fix Kyle.”

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Brett Griffins

Brett Griffin the spotter for multiple Kaulig Racing cars, including Cup driver Justin Haley.

“They should take a NASCAR official, put him in that car,” Griffen stated.

“If that car will crank and is able to drive through that gate into the garage then he should be fined 100 points. He ruined that moment of the race as far as what we were doing for pitting, he ruined the commercial strategy, he ruined everything because he was being exactly what Tommy just called him.”

“He’s the only current two-time champion in the series. Act like a man, act like a champion.”

“He gets crap from people. Then, he gets mad at people for getting crap from them. He asked for all this.”

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“Kyle Busch is a little bitch!”


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