New photos give an inside look at Casa Bonita

DENVER (KDVR) – When will Casa Bonita finally open? This is the question on many people’s minds.

And while an official reopening date has yet to be announced, Casa Bonita released new photos from inside the restaurant on Friday.

Here is a look at the photo gallery:

We also took a look at the new menu and some pictures of the nutrients.

Casa Bonita, which first opened in 1974, hasn’t been open since the spring of 2020 – first due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and then for extensive repairs after it was sold.

In September 2021, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, founders of “South Park”, entered into a purchase agreement to purchase Casa Bonita.

Dana Rodriguez, who moved to Colorado in 1992 from Chihuahua, Mexico, has accepted the position of Executive Chef to oversee the kitchen redesign, menu redevelopment, and general overhaul of the restaurant.

When “South Park” aired an episode highlighting the restaurant in 2003, it launched the restaurant’s reputation as a popular destination in Denver.

The previous owners of Casa Bonita filed for bankruptcy in April 2021.

“We all love Casa Bonita,” Governor Jared Polis said during a conversation with the new owners. “The one area we would all like to see an upgrade, I guess I speak for everyone who patronizes Casa Bonita, is that the food could be a little better.”

Earlier this month, the restaurant passed several necessary pre-opening inspections including electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.

The restaurant also takes “reservations” for large groups planning to visit the restaurant between August and October. The restaurant especially avoids calling them with reservations. Applications must be submitted 14 days in advance and a signed agreement with a deposit must be completed in advance.

Throughout the year, the restaurant has released teaser images of some of the work that went into the interior, and this month released a series of GIFs showing the painting and other finishing work.

The fountain outside the restaurant has also undergone a rebuild, but as of March this year there was water in it – a sign that the opening was just around the corner.

While an official opening date has not been announced, the restaurant will have a soft opening with limited dining hours. Guests for the exclusive event will be chosen from those who have registered from Casa Bonita’s email list.

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