NFL Draft: Browns’ sixth-round pick Luke Whipler praised by ESPN

With few assets to work within the first 100 draft picks of the 2023 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns manager Andrew Perry needed a little luck finding impact players with the six remaining selections. The NFL draft is full of unknowns and uncertainties moving forward, so all that can be assessed is what we know at this point.

Health grading for introductory classes is best done after three full seasons have been completed. For the class of 2023, that means the 2026 NFL offseason.

For Browns, WR Cedric TillmanDT Check out the fish and OT Dawn Jones You’ll get the majority of the attention but the sixth round pick, the middle luc webler, It could be draft stealing. Realistically, Wypler is unlikely to see the field in 2023 and possibly even 2024 but following the draft is considered a top pick by ESPN’s Jordan Reed (shared, $):

Active and fast, Wypler can win in a number of ways. It was a surprise to see he was still available in the sixth round. Wypler fits the Browns’ zone-blocking scheme well, which has some variations on Ohio State’s offense. That should help with his transition.

At 6’2″, Wypler is undersized for a position which could limit his ability to play guard at the NFL level. This, coupled with the limited value placed on the center position, would likely push him into the sixth round. He is two or three inches taller And Wypler would likely be a second or third round pick.

Cleveland re-signed the starting center Ethan Bosic This is off season but they could move out of contract after one or two seasons if they think Wypler is ready.

While Browns fans will, understandably, wait for Wypler to produce on the field to applaud him, this is a positive sign to see the respect towards a national selection.

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