Nick Wright responds to Draymond Green calling out old Andrew Wiggins to take

Nick Wright responds to Draymond Green calling out old Andrew Wiggins to take

If an NBA analyst has a regrettable take, rest assured Draymond Green won’t let them forget about it — especially when the comments are made about one of his Warriors teammates.

But Fox Sports’ Nick Wright certainly is one to clap back, and he did just that after the Golden State veteran called him out during the latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show” for his previous assumptions about Andrew Wiggins.

To refresh, Wright said Wiggins was a “bad basketball player” during a 90-second rip job back on Feb. 7, 2020, right after the Warriors acquired him from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Wright called the trade for Wiggins, who was owed $95 million over the next three years at the time, “unspeakable,” claiming it signed the team had no plan moving forward and Steph Curry would never be in the NBA Finals again.

“I can’t believe Bob Myers did this,” Wright said at the time, then concluded his rant with, “… I would have loved to see Steph Curry’s live reaction to this because he now has to go play with Andrew Wiggins .”

Of course, Curry and Wiggins were at the forefront of Golden State’s Finals victory over the Boston Celtics, and Wright rightfully admitted his previous comments about the first-time All-Star were his “most regrettable television take.”

The admission didn’t stop Green from going in on Wright as he recorded his podcast immediately after Game 6 of the Finals at TD Garden, where he said he hoped the analyst was willing to stand on his word because his basketball knowledge is now in question .

On “The Colin Cowherd Podcast,” Wright responded to Green. He told Cowherd that they get along well because they make a living by making bold proclamations — and by “talking a little s–t” — but that occasionally, those proclamations miss.

“…I was wrong,” Wright continued. “So this is my issue with what Draymond said. Draymond said I hope you stand on it. If I were to talk to Draymond, I would say what do you mean by stand on? Do you mean by [admitting] I said it? Like, not say that’s a deep fake? OK, I will stand on that.

“Are you saying, ‘I hope you still believe that?’ Of course I don’t still believe that I was wrong. The only frustration I have is not directed at Draymond, but folks pretending what I said there wasn’t mostly consensus opinion really irks me.”

Wright went on to say it wasn’t just him who thought the trade for Wiggins was a bad one — and then took one last shot at the Warriors.

“That I was the only person criticizing the Andrew Wiggins trade is so ahistorical, but I hope everyone has their old TikToks ready to send this to me in 2025,” Wright said. “They’re the favorites to repeat? Man, get out of here. They’re not winning the title next year.”

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The Warriors made doubters eat their words with their fourth NBA title in eight seasons, and they’ll certainly look to do the same in 2023.

As they hunt for a repeat, Wright might just have given his second-most regrettable take.

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