Nicolas Cage gives a trademark hilarious answer when asked about his early memories

Hollywood’s most eccentric darling, Nicolas Cage, is back at it again.

While Cage was challenging “The Colbert Question” over two weeks ago, “The Late Show” waited until today to release a clip from his hilarious Q&A session. When asked about his early memories, the “Reinfield” star has arguably given the most Cage-esque answer of his life.

“I know it sounds really far-fetched, and I don’t know if it’s real or not, but sometimes I think I can go back inside the womb and feel like I can see faces in the dark or something,” said Cage. “I know this sounds strongly abstract, but… it might have happened.”

Stephen Colbert wondered if Cage was accompanied in the womb by “other people” or if the Oscar winner’s “prenatal mind” was conjuring up these faces without explanation. Cage took the audience’s laughter in stride – and responded with goodwill.

“Now that I was no longer in the womb, I had to imagine that maybe it was sound vibrations resonating at that point,” Cage said. “This goes way back, so I don’t know, but this comes to mind… This idea just popped into my mind.”

This wasn’t the first life-and-death question Colbert asked the famous philosophical A-Lister. When asked what he thinks happens to people when they die, Cage — who actually secured a pyramid-shaped tomb for the event — had some ideas.

“Oh, wow,” Cage said. “Well, no one really knows. I don’t. I mean, I guess they say electricity is eternal or everlasting, and that the spark goes on. I’d like to think that whatever spark moves our bodies, once the body is through, the spark keeps coming.”

“But whether or not electricity has consciousness, who can say?”

The comic book lover also answered some lesser questions during his visit and had to choose between apples, oranges, dogs or cats — and also revealed his least favorite scent. Cage’s quick response betrayed ludicrous sincerity:

“My wife’s folly is a pet Pomeranian.”

Watch the full “Colbert Question” on “The Late Show” YouTube channel.

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