Nullmax delivers NVIDIA Orin-based intelligent driving/parking solution

Nullmax delivers NVIDIA Orin-based intelligent driving/parking solution

Beijing (Gasgoo)- Autonomous driving developer Nullmax announced that it had completed periodical delivery for its NVIDIA Orin-based intelligent driving solution on June 22nd.

Photo credit: Nullmax

Nullmax said that up to now, the company’s autonomous driving platform-dedicated products with high, medium, and low computing power have all realized delivery, marking a milestone in the company’s pre-assembly mass production development.

Nullmax’s integrated intelligent driving/parking solution is the first of its kind in China to be powered by the standard Orin chip platform, which offers 110TOPS of computing power. The solution can be used in all scenarios, including highways, urban, and parking. Under the premise of safety and customization, Nullmax’s solution offers comprehensive mainstream ADAS functions as well as the room for upgrade.

Nullmax anticipated that the first vehicle model to be deployed with the solution will be delivered in 2023, with a scale of nearly one million units.

Notably, Nullmax’s Orin-based solution is also the first embodiment of the company’s self-developed toolchain of data closed loop. Its automated closed-loop data platform is able to drive the system to grow and improve, realizing OTA updates during its entire lifecycle.


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