NXT Recap & Feedback (May 2, 2023): Braun’s heel run really needs help

did you say that?

The Bron Breaker promo just confused me. I thought I was alone, but those in the Cageside offices also had question marks floating around their heads.

But let’s go back a bit. Trek Williams hit the ring on behalf of his best friend. Calling Milo a fighter, he admits he’s busted now, but still wants Bron in battlefield. More importantly as a reference that warms my heart, Trek pulled the Kobe and Shack analogy; Milo doesn’t miss but when he does, the big guy grabs the bounce. And Bron Breaker is that throwback.

It all makes sense. The best friend avenges his fallen comrade and takes him to the villain.

But then the bad guy came out with a microphone in his hand and everything went sideways for me. Coupled with strong lines like “I speared you and it hurt you. But I pushed Milo through that stage and hurt him worse,” we get weird logic. Bronn doesn’t want the championship because the last thing he wants is to represent the crowd again. but He also did not want Milo to carry the title. but He also wants to embarrass Milo in his hometown.

Combine that with Bronn holding the championship in the video package and we have a bit of a mixed message.

I don’t fault Brun for that either. It seems like NXT can’t figure out what to do in a rematch where the challenger has little interest in the championship. Making it a grudge match makes sense on paper but maybe a championship match will move more tickets. I’m not on the WWE books so I can’t say for sure. But if Bronn doesn’t want a title but just wants to kill Melo all of a sudden – remember he targeted Andre Chase and Duke Hudson before getting back at Melo – then he puts them in a non-championship bout.

I look forward to meeting Trick vs. And I really hope they find a direction for Bron. I like his heel turn, I like the new look, I like the attitude. But the moment they brought her back to him with Milo, everything began to contradict and make no sense.

b – sides


Yes, NXT ended up with women’s teams warring against each other over the newly vacated NXT Women’s Championship. Yes, the course will start next week and culminate in battlefield.

But the lasting image for me this week is Dexter Loomis carrying Indy Hartwell into the locker room.

Indi reached for the mic during the closing minutes of NXT and got real. She spoke about her career up to this point, the high ankle sprain she suffered last week, and her relationship with fans. As she looks to the future, she will never forget her time in NXT and becoming champion.

Leaving the belt in the ring, she tried to get out of the ring on crutches, and then saw her deranged husband waiting for her.

That, along with her last game, was a perfect serve for Andy Hartwell. Indi’s romance with Dexter is one of the best things the District has ever done, so making it a part of her final moments there fits in perfectly with her larger story.

But then there’s this pesky logic eating into the back of my head and washing away all the warm fuzzies: Indi has vacated the title while the tag champions have not.

I don’t get it and wish someone could explain it to me. Is it because Indy is injured and because they are not tag champions? Sure, I might buy that. But the fact remains that NXT needs a Women’s Tag Team Championship. right? With Alba & Isla heading into Friday nights, how do they defend those titles? If these rolls are hardened in stone as Triple H suggests, it’s hard to imagine Alba & Isla returning to Orlando every Tuesday from wherever they’ve been on Fridays.

I also wonder if there are enough women’s tag teams left in NXT at the moment. Toxic Attraction split up, Kayden & Katana are now having a Monday, and all the other women are considering the big tournament.

That’s a lot to say and I simply wish WWE would explain their logic better or at all instead of asking us to fill in the blanks with our own.

Judgment still can not be stopped

Tyler Bate definitely made a difference during Wes Lee vs. Drew Gulak.

Charlie Dempsey poked people’s business up his nose and Tyler made him regret it. And from there, Wes took care of business.

It wasn’t the longest opening match and I’m surprised these two didn’t go on longer. But it was a fun opening match that solidified Tyler & Wes as a tandem.

Westside Tyler?

bloody money

Another grudge match between Jesse Jayne and Gigi Dolin. But this ended with Jesse covered in blood with Gigi’s brother in the audience.

Outside of Jacy’s scarlet mask and the extra punishment she gave Gigi, there isn’t much here. At least not yet. This match, along with their previous encounters, serves as a prelude to an even bigger battle. I hope that happens in battlefield Because they risk stringing it too long and making people not care.


I DIGGED THIS MATCH BETWEEN SCCRYPTS AND Axiom. SCCRYPTS found the perfect partner on Axiom and appeared dominant in various locations. He took offense well (never an issue) and sold the Axiom offense.

But I’m buying lede here: Axiom’s unmasked SCRYPTS! One of NXT’s worst kept secrets is finally revealed: Reggie is a SCCRYPTS.

Reggie refused to shake Axiom’s hand and became aggressive with him. That forced Axiom to. As a result, Reggie did his best Jim Carrey impression and removed that mask.

The SCRYPTS thing wasn’t working as a character, so getting rid of it works best for everyone. Let Reggie sink or swim unmasked because dumping him with a legitimate Batman impression on the latest edition of NXT is bad looks. The next step for him are longer matches that highlight his unique offense but show that he’s more than just the wrestling equivalent of a running back.

devil’s night

Look… JD McDonagh and Dragon Lee did the damn thing. I am not even offering you any semblance of a conclusion or thoughts. Just watch the game when you can and know that JD came out of the area with a W pass with a great help from Noam Dar.

While I don’t agree with JD getting a W since he left, they made it work well enough that I’m okay with it in that context.

A nightmare on my street

Joe Gacy vs. Joe Coffey continued this week’s trend of really short matches. The cadence of the show is neck-breaking, with only one match really getting some breathing room. I would argue that the match benefited from time while the rest of the card suffered. But here we are.

The match didn’t make an impression on me anyway, but I like Joe getting a W which rewards Dyad with a championship match against Gallus. Specifically, I liked how: Ava is on top like Joe hit it off. While the referee and Joe turned their backs on Gacy, he hit the defection leader upside down and that was it.

The clever ending that emphasized how important this match was to Gacy, and how much Gacy was to Ava. We may now find out what glory Jassy wants to chase.

We also have some preparations for the Ivy Nile vs. Ava match. The Diamond Mine watched the match from their gym and Ivy nearly turned the tables at the fact that Ava was in a match again.

85 (Billy D Terminator)

Dani Palmer looked impressive in her NXT debut! Seriously, I loved what I saw. It has the innovative Soul offense but it also knows mat wrestling and sells a little better at this point. While it’s fun that Tatum Paxley looks like a forgettable stepson at this point, she’s made Danny look pretty cool.

Dani’s Frog Splash looked nice, too. Props to her and we hope to see more of her.

takes over

Andre Chase? Missing. Duke Hudson? plotting a takeover. With leader Chase U out of the panel thanks to the Man in Black, Duke jumped out the window and led the class. While I think he might have a problem calling it “Duke University,” I’m glad we do finally to reach this breaking point. I hope they don’t back down next week or the week after.

last days

I’m still not sure how I feel about a tag team championship match between two teams on their way out the door. While the idea makes me cringe, the match itself delivered because Alba Fire, Isla Dawn, Kayden Carter, and Katana Chance know what they’re doing in the ring.

My favorite moment came when both teams hit their signature tandem only for a member of the opposite team to break it. It built on their previous matches while also telling us to expect the unexpected.

Alba and Isla came out on top after pinning Katana with another vicious tandem move.

what does that mean? No evidence. How does it affect Kayden & Katana? Who do you know. It represented an entertaining farewell for the crowd but raised many questions about the NXT Women’s Championship. I wish WWE had a bigger plan here because nothing makes sense right now.

I’m very mixed on this episode. On the one hand, JD & Dragon Lee. And so does the tag match. And of course InDex. But everything else moved too quickly. The show never lets anything breathe and it would move on to the next thing before the first thing made an impression.

There’s clearly a lot going on this week in WWE, so we have to keep that in mind. But few matches felt like they got the time or attention they deserved for a truly memorable night of TV.

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