Paul ‘Triple H’ Leveque Is Taking Over WWE Creative After Vince McMahon’s Departure

Paul Leveque aka Triple H has been named the new head of WWE creative.

The move comes amid a management shake-up at WWE after former CEO Vince McMahon announced his retirement earlier this month.

“WWE executive Paul Levesque will assume all responsibilities related to WWE’s creative, in addition to his regular duties,” reads an official statement.

McMahon ran the WWE (formerly the WWF) since 1982, monopolizing the wrestling industry and establishing numerous high-profile events – including bringing the first Wrestlemania to Maddison Square Garden in 1985.

However, McMahon came under fire recently with of misconduct and stepped down from his role as WWE CEO last month.

“I have pledged my complete cooperation to the investigation by the special committee, and I will do everything possible to support the investigation,” McMahon said in a statement. “I have also pledged to accept the findings and outcome of the investigation, whatever they are.”

Although McMahon was originally expected to retain his creative duties at WWE, he since announced his retirement.

“As I approach 77 years old, I feel it’s time for me to retire as Chairman and CEO of WWE,” he said in a statement. “Throughout the years, it’s been a privilege to help WWE bring you joy, inspire you, thrill you, surprise you, and always entertain you.”

He has since been replaced as CEO by his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, who joins as co-CEO alongside WWE president Nick Khan.

On the creative side, McMahon has now been replaced by wrestler Triple H who will head up WWE’s creative content. It was also announced just a few days ago that Leveque would resume his duties as executive vice president of Talent Relations.

“I look forward to my prior position as head returning of Talent Relations. I’m healthy, fired up, and ready to take charge,” said Levesque in a statement.

What this shake-up means for the WWE remains to be seen. But with McMahon stepping away from the company, it’s the start of a new era whichever way you look at it.

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