Phil Spencer says Xbox will look at letting players disable Quick Resume

Xbox head Phil Spencer has said his team will look into letting players disable the Quick Resume feature on Series X/S consoles.

Quick Resume, which allows players to store a number of games in a suspended state, is one of the most unique Series X/S features.

If a Quick Resume game that’s suspended is then loaded again, it will return players back to where they left off within seconds.

Not all games support Quick Resume, but some of the games that do support it sometimes have issues with its implementation, especially those that connect to an online server.

Halo Infinite | Update – September 2022

Players regularly claim that games like PUBG, FIFA and Halo Infinite struggle to reconnect when a game is Quick Resumed, and that it’s often quicker to manually force the game to close, wipe the suspended state and re-launch it entirely.

This was mentioned on Twitter by user GabeTC99, who said: “I still don’t understand how [Quick Resume is] not a feature you can disable.

“It’s amazing for a lot of games but when it tries to Quick Resume an online-only game it absolutely breaks it and you have to manually quit. If only an option to disable it for such games existed.”

Spencer replied to the tweet, saying: “Good feature ask, makes sense. We will put it on the list of things to look at.”

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Late last year, 343 Industries warned players not to use the Quick Resume feature in Halo Infinite because it could result in lost cosmetic items.

During the campaign, players will find armor lockers dotted around Zeta Halo containing cosmetics that can used in the game’s multiplayer mode.

But if users were kicked from the game’s online servers – which happens when using Quick Resume – the cosmetics wouldn’t be available to them in their Halo Infinite multiplayer inventory.

While this specific issue appears to have since been fixed, players still report issues reconnecting to Halo Infinite and other online games when loading with Quick Resume.