Phoenix Labs offers 9% of Dauntless Studio

brave Developer Phoenix Labs has laid off 9% of the studio, the company confirmed to Polygon Monday. The layoffs were announced internally last week; Several employees have tweeted about the layoffs. This comes months after the company’s exit from Singapore-based Garena, which acquired the studio in January 2020.

Management, backed by investors, bought Phoenix Labs from Garena in February 2023 to take the company private, according to Venture Beat. Phoenix Labs previously said it had 10 titles in various stages of development, and made the announcement brave Reached 30 million players. Phoenix Labs declined to share exactly how many people have been impacted by the layoff, nor would it confirm how many people it is hiring. LinkedIn lists Phoenix Labs’ employee base at 308 people, indicating that approximately 30 people have been affected by the layoff.

Phoenix Labs has employees in both the United States and Canada.

“As part of the reorganization, we have worked hard to find new assignments for as many employees as possible,” said a Phoenix Labs representative. “While we have successfully rehired many people, there have been instances where we have had to part ways with some talented people. In total, 9% of our total staff has been affected, including some in Montreal and some working remotely in the US. In addition to extending Covering severance and benefits, we have provided assistance for placement in an effort to ease the transition for all affected employees.”

Phoenix Labs has not announced its new projects, but noted that they have a “wide range” in style and genre. Fay farma cooperative farming game, is expected to be released in 2023. The company still supports the free-to-play role-playing game bravewhich was originally released in 2019.

revision: This story originally incorrectly stated the number of games in development, which was changed from 30 games to 10 games.

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