Prince Harry had ‘several conversations’ with King Charles before coronation: Royal Correspondent

Prince Harry and King Charles III have had some, albeit awkward, conversations since the release of his explosive memoir, additional. But when it comes to Harry and Prince William, not so much.

Royal Correspondent Omid Scobie, author of a biography of Harry and Meghan Markle Find freedomHe told ET that this trip to London will be the first time Harry has met his family since the release of his memoirs, but it certainly won’t be the first time he’s spoken to some of them.

“Harry had several conversations with his father over the months following the book’s release, largely about the coronation itself, and of course matters relating to Frogmore Cottage, of which the couple will not have the keys for any week now,” Scobie says.

Harry and Meghan were kicked out of the cottage just two months ago, as the King’s brother, Prince Andrew, is set to live there. Harry and Meghan have until early summer to vacate the property.

As for Harry and William’s relationship, Scobie says nothing has changed about it. Still as icy as ever.

“It was a very cold silence between the two brothers and that has lasted since the Queen’s funeral through the release of the Netflix series, the book and of course now this trip to London,” says the royal correspondent. I don’t think things will change.”

Just days ago, William’s all-important role in his father’s coronation was announced. According to the Coronation Service Mass, the Prince of Wales will pledge allegiance and allegiance to the King during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6. William, 40, will be the heir to the throne before his father – after he’s been formally crowned – place his hands between the monarch and recite the words also known as the blood royal salute.

“I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge allegiance to you and faith and truth I will bear to you, as man of life and limbs. So help me God.”

William is the only monarch who will honor the monarch in this way during the ceremony. Harry’s role is not listed.

So why make the trip when things are still icy with the family and there’s no apparent party turn-up? Scooby, her second royal book Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Royal Fight for Survival Fall August 1st, Harry says being alone is important.

“He’s the son of King Charles III, a man he still respects and adores dearly despite the rifts in their relationship,” said Scobie of Harry, who is attending without Meghan or their children. “But he’s also fifth in line to the throne and a state councilor. So, it’s important for him to be here in a constitutional position, no matter how he feels about his family. But I hear from sources, he’s looking forward to you being part of this moment despite things that have happened.” in the past “.

However, Harry’s trip to London would take place “in no time.”

“The people around him are working as hard as they can to find the quickest way into the country and the quickest way out,” says Scobie. “He really only comes here for the party, so any hopes of conciliatory moments or a heart-to-heart between father and son or any of his family, I think they’ll wait another time.”

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