Random: Mario movie illegal download watched by millions on social media

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The Mario Movie has officially passed the $1 billion mark at the global box office, and while plenty of people around the world have already seen it, the recent illegal upload on social media has also gotten some serious attention.

As reported by Forbes, a Twitter account known as “Tricky Videos” recently uploaded the entire Super Mario Bros. movie in two parts. Twitter’s response wasn’t exactly swift, with the videos apparently reaching nine million views in just seven hours before the account – with over a million followers – was suspended.

While illegal movie uploads like this aren’t completely out of the ordinary in certain corners of the internet, it’s somewhat surprising how long videos have remained live on this major social platform. Forbes links Twitter to a staff shortage (with mods also believed to be “sleeping at the wheel”) following recent layoffs, along with some new download options for Twitter Blue subscribers.

Under the new ownership, a paid Twitter Blue subscription now allows users to upload hour-long, high-quality videos, which means movie-length clips like this will likely appear more regularly on the platform. Not just Twitter. GoNintendo reported seeing “the entire movie” uploaded to YouTube as well. YouTube usually flags and removes these types of uploads very quickly.

Nintendo and Illumination probably won’t be happy to hear this, but at least they’ve already made big money at the box office – with the film grossing $490 million in North America and $532 million internationally in just 26 days. If you really can’t hold onto a Mario movie, but don’t want to go to the movies to see it — look for the disc and official digital release in the near future, with pre-orders now direct.

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