Random: Zelda: Tears The Kingdom-inspired food chain is heading to Lawson stores in Japan

Photo: Nintendo Live

Nintendo is doing everything it can with marketing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (big surprise). There are the trailers, the connected Switch OLED model, the new pre-order bonuses (Zelda spoon anyone?), in short, the game is all over the place.

Now, Nintendo has managed to release marketing for the title Beyond thatToday, it also revealed a range of Tears of the Kingdom-inspired food and drink items that are now available for purchase at Lawson stores in Japan.

The six different items that make up the collection are Gurun Spice rice ball, banana milk, truffle focaccia, curry bread filled with pork, clam chowder and spicy chicken balls. Now if that isn’t enough to fill two hearts, we don’t know what is.

Each of these items is inspired by a dish you can hammer into in the Kingdom’s Tears – although additional effects of increasing stamina or resistance to cold aren’t guaranteed. You can learn more about each dish on Nintendo Japan’s official website (via the translation tool, if needed).

This collection of staples will join Lawson’s collection of collectible and TOTK housewares that we first saw a few weeks ago. We all thought we were going to eat, sleep, and breathe Kingdom Tears from May 12th, but we didn’t mean to literally

Will you try to get game food? Let us know in the comments.

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