Reasons to be optimistic about this Giants season

Reasons to be optimistic about this Giants season

Reasons to be optimistic about this Giants season

It is easy to proclaim New York a “baseball town” when the Yankees have the best record and the Mets have the second-best record in Major League Baseball. Everyone loves a winner, right?

If we are in agreement on that, can we assume that the converse is true? Everyone dislikes a loser?

That brings us to the Giants. To state they are “losers” sounds harsh. But to acknowledge the franchise has been a losing operation for most of the past decade is indisputable. A listing of the season-by-season records since the last Super Bowl (following the 2011 season) is damning and reveals clear regression: 9-7, 7-9, 6-10, 6-10, 11-5, 3- 13, 5-11, 4-12, 6-10, 3-13. It is no wonder in 2022 the Giants will employ their fifth new head coach in a span of 11 years.

Trying to evaluate what comes next can also be a losing proposition. Predict more doom and gloom, and you are, well, a doomsayer. Predict an upswing and you are a pollyanna. The over-under wins total for the Giants, for betting purposes, has been set at 5.5 games. This feels like a fair line of demarcation for the Giants. Given the questions up and down their depth chart, finding a way to go 6-11 in Brian Daboll’s first season seems as if it would qualify as progress. Going 5-12 would not be, no matter the reasons. Climbing to 7-10 or 8-9 would be high-water marks for a team that almost every NFL evaluator views as in a rebuilding mode.


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