Rob Lowe joins his son at the Writers’ Strike outside Paramount Studios


Rob Lowe

He joins his son in the book strike…

Getting together at Paramount

Rob Lowe Not only is the WGA showing its support during the writers’ strike, but it has won back its son as well — picketing together outside Paramount and joining thousands of writers across the country to fight for fair wages.

Rob and his son John Owen I went out in Hollywood on Tuesday as the great strike went into effect, echoing the thoughts of many film and TV writers who are the true workhorses in all content today.

The actor tells us he’s incredibly proud of his son for fighting alongside his mates, especially early in his career — for those unaware, John Owen and Rob are the creators of Netflix’s Unstable, and the 28-year-old wrote in 33 episodes of his father’s series “9-1-1.” : Lone Star.

John Owen is sending love straight to his pops too… saying he’s glad to have his support – but he can’t help but get a great joke about Rob’s priorities.

By the way — Natasha Lyonne She’s been out of Paramount too…and she’s made it clear that writing great projects really takes a village, and she believes serious change is necessary to get the industry back where it needs to be.

We also have an actor and writer Michael Hitchcock In the same place…and gives us the lowdown on why broadcasting is so important to this new decade – and why banning AI from the industry is also a must.

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