Ryan Tannehill says Will Levi’s will pick up a little deja vu

Toron DavenportESPNMay 3, 2023 at 4:24 p.m. ET2 minutes to read

Tannehill: “Bit of déjà vu” with Levis’ choice

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill talks the Giants traded draft Will Levis with their second-round pick.

NASHVILLE, Tennille — Quarterback Ryan Tannehill found himself in a familiar situation after the Tennessee Titans traded in the second round of the NFL Draft to select Will Levis with the 33rd overall pick.

“Yeah, we’ve come this route before, so it’s definitely a little bit of deja vu,” Tannehill said.

The Giants have now traded to select two quarterbacks in back-to-back drafts. Former general manager John Robinson traded to the Las Vegas Raiders to go up and beat Malik Willis in the third round with the 86th pick from last year’s draft.

Levis’ selection was made possible when new Titans general manager Ran Carthon sent the 41st, 72nd, and 2024 picks in the third round to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for the 33rd and 81st picks.

The 34-year-old Tannehill completed 212 of 325 pass attempts for 2,536 yards, 13 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in 12 games last season. He hit a $36 million cap this year and he has two voidable years left on his contract.

It would be understandable for Tannehill to feel bitter after seeing a potential future replacement selected two years in a row. However, the veteran quarterback has been with the team since the beginning of the OTAs and is taking it all in stride.

“My job is to get ready to go win football games and that’s what I’m going to do every day,” said Tannehill. “As players, you have to control what you can control – and that’s doing the best you can.”

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