Serum, a First-Person Survival Game, Announced

Developer Game Island has announced Serum, a first-person survival game for PC in which you must craft, hunt, adapt, and survive in a forest that’s been positioned by the titular serum.

Game Island says there will be safe zones and shelters where you can craft weapons and traps and prepare to stave off the wilds. Meanwhile, you’ll need to fight off the serum-infected mutant animals in the forest.

Serum – Early Images

A hook, though, is that you have to inject the serum into your own system in order to stay alive; even though it will change you physically and mentally, you will die if you don’t get more of it every few minutes. But every living thing is a potential serum source, as you can harvest the serum from enemies and other entities.

Serum does not yet have a release date, but it will be released on Steam when it’s ready.

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