Shop the best Mother’s Day gifts from Ree Drummond for the mom who loves to cook

Those who love to cook know that having the right kitchen tools is essential to executing culinary creativity with ease.

While there’s nothing wrong with holding onto a well-done skillet or that trusty wooden spoon that spends more time leaning over a pot of simmering water than it does in the drawer, a few new and improved additions can make all the difference for whoever’s in charge of the cooking.

If this sounds like the mom in your life, you’re probably overdue for some serious kitchen upgrades. And what better time to gift a mom who loves to cook some new gear than Mother’s Day?

Food Network host, cookbook author, blogger, and mother of four Ree Drummond knows all about cooking for herself and her family, so Good Morning America’s “Pioneer Woman” tapped herself to share some of her kitchen picks for shopping just in time for Mother’s Day.


Ree Drummond prepares dishes in the kitchen.

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Ree Drummond’s best kitchen gadgets to replace or upgrade any mom who loves to cook

Chef’s knife

“When asked what the most important kitchen tool I think is, I say a good kitchen knife,” Drummond told Good Morning America in an email. “This amazing multi-purpose knife is my favorite, and I’m not sure where my life would be in the kitchen without it. It’s very sharp and feels great in my hand, and its flat tip is easy to use in many ways.”

Pioneer Woman Pioneer 6.5″ Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife

price: $10.97 · from Walmart

This knife’s straight edge design and precision, tapered ground blade add versatility and efficiency to your kitchen. The nakiri blade features a hash mark to reduce friction and sticking, making prepping ingredients for all your culinary creations easier than ever.


Drummond also suggested investing in a mandolin to help make slicing and other prep work a breeze. The tool is commonly used in professional kitchens to obtain perfectly even slices from very thin to small pieces.

Oxo Mandolin

price: $99.95 · off the table

The stainless steel mandoline is the way to slice everything from fruits to vegetables. Rotating the floppy disk determines the slice thickness and julienne setting. Its handle keeps your hand out of the way and provides a comfortable grip. Plus, the flared legs and non-slip feet add stability while slicing and are dishwasher safe.

Spine skillet

“For moms who love to cook, I think this everyday skillet with a handle would make a great gift,” Drummond writes. “They’re generous in size and have high sides, so you can make sauces, stir-fries, or even soups. I actually have this pan in all three colors, because I use it a lot and love having a variety to make my kitchen look cool!”

Pioneer Woman Prairie Signature 6-Quart Cast Aluminum Cooker

price: $35.97 · 20% savings
from Walmart

Original: $44.97

Lightweight cast aluminum frying pan with dishwasher safe non-stick coating. Adorned with a vintage-inspired speckle print and finished with gorgeous olive wood accents; It comes in three colours.

electric grill

“I also think that a good indoor electric grill is a great gift for moms, because sometimes you want to make grilled chicken or grilled burgers without having to go outdoors in wind or rain, or during the winter months,” Drummond said. . Check out her selection below.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill with Window Cover

price: $122.97 · from Walmart

Serve delicious grilled meals in every season with this indoor grill. Constructed with removable, dishwasher-safe plates for easy cleaning, this grill features a window lid so you can keep an eye on your food.

under vacuum

“My final upgrade for moms who love to cook will be a precision cooker,” she said of the sous vide water bath technique adapted for use at home. “They were commonly used by professional chefs in restaurant kitchens in the past, but have become widely used by home cooks to cook fish, meat, and vegetables and to evenly heat pre-cooked foods. They also retain flavor and nutrients in a wonderful way.”

Anova Precision Cooker Nano 3.0.0 Update

price: $150 · off the table

Make perfectly cooked steak, fish and eggs every time with this mini precision cooker from Anova. Designed for everyday use, this cooker connects to the Anova app so you can monitor meals, find new recipes, and more. The compact size of this cooker means that it can be easily stored in a drawer for less clutter.

If you go with this gift, grab mom some reusable silicone bags or a vacuum sealer to seal foods to submerge under water, where they cook with precise temperature control for perfect results.

Ree Drummond’s kitchen picks the mom who needs options

Non-stick and stainless steel pans

“While it’s certainly great to have items in your kitchen that have multiple uses, there are some tools you should keep in your kit that have specific purposes depending on what you’re cooking,” Drummond explained. “One great example of this is a non-stick pan vs. stainless steel. When browning meats or making a sauce, I usually choose stainless steel, because it distributes heat evenly. Non-stick pans are also uniquely useful. I’ll usually use them for egg and cheese sauces and casseroles.” Daily pasta.

Pioneer Woman 12-Inch Ceramic Skillet

price: $24.64 · from Walmart

Decorated with a gorgeous ombre design in a vibrant teal color, this skillet provides excellent heat conduction and uniform cooking. It is made with a stainless steel handle that provides comfort and convenience while cooking.

Traditional fully coated triple-ply D3 stainless steel frying pan

price: $99.95 · 44% savings
From Williams Sonoma

Original: $180

All-Clad’s original line of three-ply stainless steel cookware fuses classic style with modern practicality. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort during use while the wide surface of the frying pan is ideal for searing, sauteing and sautéing. Its gently sloping sides make it easy to turn and remove foods. With the lid in place, it’s also great for simmering.

Various knives or knife sets

“I also highly suggest having different types of knives on hand because they each have different uses,” Drummond said. “I love my signature knife for slicing and dicing, but a utility knife is also a more versatile and precise option.”

The Pioneer Woman Pioneer Signature 14-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set

price: $69 · 10% savings
from Walmart

Original: $77

She continued, “For fine slicing or paring, I’ll tend to grab a paring knife—the small size is really great for very specific jobs. Having a mold with several different styles of knives is key, so what you need is ready and waiting for you to pick up.”

Rey Drummond’s best time-saving kitchen tools

Stand mixer

“Most people think of stand mixers as being about baking, but I use stand mixers for so much more than that,” Drummond said. “I love using it for chopping chicken, mashing cooked potatoes, kneading bread and pizza dough, just to name a few. It helps save time and my arm muscles.”

KitchenAid Artisan Kneading Kneader, 5 qt

price: $349.95 · 22% savings
From Williams Sonoma

Original: $449.95

This smaller version of the commercial-sized models is a versatile stand mixer, designed with enough power and capacity to prepare large batches of cake batter or cookie dough without compromising your kitchen space.

immersion blender

“Another tool that helps me save time, and bowls, when I’m at a loss, is an immersion blender — it’s capable of so much more, like blending fruit for smoothies, crushing vegetables for sauces, dipping parties and even grinding coffee beans,” Drummond said.

Two-speed hand mixer, KitchenAid

price: $44.88 · from Walmart

Designed to prepare a perfect puree. This KitchenAid 2-Speed ​​Hand Mixer features a removable 8-inch mixing bowl and includes 3 mixing cups with lid for individual mixing action. It can be used to serve directly from or to store your blended creations for later use.

seat scraper

“I really get a lot of use out of a bench scraper, too. Its purpose is to scrape dough, but it’s a lifesaver for food prep. After slicing, you just scrape it into a pile, stack it, and transfer it directly into the pan, while also leaving your cutting board clean. It’s also a great tool for slicing brownies.” And lemon bars and other sweets.”

6 inch stainless steel dough scraper and cutter

price: $5.97 · from Walmart

ABC News’ Casey Delbasso contributed to this report.

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