Skywind releases new long-form trailer for Morrowind’s 21st anniversary

We’ve been writing about Skywind for nine years now. The ambitious mod project aims to import the entire Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind ensemble into the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine. To celebrate Morrowind’s 21st anniversary, Team Skywind has released a 21-minute video from one mission in Skywind.

The video description reads: “‘Necromancer in Maoism’ follows the player as he takes on the role of an steward of a court temple in the ash-strewn region of Mulag Amur.” “The mission is straight out of Morrowind, and should feel familiar to players of the original game, with reimagined assets showcased, creative level design ideas, and more dialogue and text sequences.”

I have a theory that people love the first Elder Scrolls game they play, but there’s no denying that Morrowind is the game with the most fervent fanfare. For good reasons, too: Where Oblivion and Skyrim approximate traditional fantasy tropes, Morrowind has its own weird flavor, one drawn from giant mushrooms, silt vents, and so much more.

Skywind aims to recreate that flavor not only with modern art assets (circa 2013, anyway), but light tweaks to quest design and dialogue. It’s made entirely by a team of volunteers and honestly, even if you’re never finished, the endeavor is impressive. You’ll find more information about the mod at its official website, as well as information for people who want to volunteer to help.

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