Someone gave Rob Dahm a 12-rotor engine, we’re scared for him

The milled aluminum 12 rotor motor is disassembled on a wooden stand.

Three banks of four rotors each. Eat your heart out, Mazda.
screenshot: Rob Dahm via YouTube

Rotary engine – aka WankelAlso known as the engine Kill everything he touches – is something that most car enthusiasts love or fear. My first car was a 1983 RX-7. Resplendent shade of shit brown And with a 12A carburetor that makes all 100 hp, so I’m in the first category.

In case you missed it:

Of course, this prehistoric twin-rotor engine is far from the pinnacle of rotary technology. No, therefore, we must look at it YouTuber Rob Dahm. Sure, we’ve seen his three-wheeler and his car Banana four-wheel drive RX-7 and even a C5 Chevy Corvette that he swappedbut now things are really getting out of hand because someone gave him a 12-rotor hand motor.

I was given only 12 rotary engines in the world!! With one goal in mind

Yes, 12 roundabouts. This is the most swivel of anything ever (read ’em and Weep Kiwis), and it’s built in a very cool Y design with one rotating counter on the bottom and the other side. The guy who originally built the engine did it for his tugboat after he got tired of blasting big block Chevys and ran on nothing more than two Jaguar V12 carburettors and a pair of ignition systems. Now Rob’s job is to take the engine and bring it into the modern era with fuel injection and maybe even forced induction.

This video shows a breakdown of the engine, partially assembled for transport without its rotors, and the engineering on display is amazing and worth seeing in its own right. I just hope the next video in the series comes out sooner rather than later because I want to hear this thing going.

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