Sources say the Grizzlies have no intention of re-signing Dillon Brooks

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Why the Grizzlies Move by Dillon Brooks

Jason Fitz and Harry Douglas talk about the Grizzlies’ intention not to re-sign Dillon Brooks this offseason.

The Memphis Grizzlies have no intention of re-signing Dillon Brooks in unrestricted free agency, league sources have confirmed to ESPN.

The franchise’s plans to move Brooks, a six-year veteran who is the longest-serving player on the roster, have been boosted in the wake of second-seeded Memphis’ playoff-round elimination to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Brooks had a disappointing streak—shooting just 31.2% from the floor as Lakers defenders slugged him too much to plug the paint—and created distractions by calling LeBron James “old” and declaring, “I poke the Bears,” after the Grizzlies’ Game 2 victory.

“We’re going to take a different approach in terms of (trash talk) next season,” Grizzlies general manager Zack Kleiman said Sunday during exit interviews with the team. “You’ll see a different approach from this team, but at the same time, confidence is important… There’s a streak there for sure.”

When asked specifically about Brooks, Clement said, “I’ll hit DB another day. Nothing I can comment on right now with him going into free agency.”

Brooks, an elite wing defenseman who complained during the playoffs about being portrayed as a “villain,” led the NBA with 18 technical fouls this season, resulting in two separate one-game suspensions. He was suspended for another game for hitting Cleveland’s Donovan Mitchell in the groin, which led to a fight between them.

Brooks, 27, has averaged 14.3 points on 39.6% shooting this season. His poor shooting selection has long been a cause of frustration within the organization, and Brooks repeatedly mentioned his reduced role this season during an interview Sunday with Memphis Media.

“I don’t think I lost anything on the offensive end,” said Brooks, who averaged a career-high 18.4 points in 2021-22. “I’ve just been there for a 3D and a 3D, shooting and playing defense. I’ve got way more of that in my game.”

The Grizzlies’ plans not to bring Brooks back for the first time were reported on Tuesday by The Athletic.

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