Speculation allegations Sony chose not to include some key PS5 games during the PS Showcase

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As the fallout from Sony continues to disappoint PS view Earlier this week, some rumor mongers who were exaggerating the event came out to save face. Tom Henderson, who meticulously leaked Project Q for the podium stand, spoke remotely, to the livestream to express his excitement, “Some of the trailers and stuff I saw weren’t at the event I expected to be there, so it’s a huge surprise that we only saw what we saw.” “. Although he claimed to have seen the trailers, Henderson did not say so What She was.

what’s going? Well, some fans believe that the future Summer Festival game It could contain more exclusive content, with host Geoff Keighley’s strong ties to Neil Druckmann and Hideo Kojima making The Last of Us Factions and Death Stranding 2 a possibility. Personally, we can not understand Why Sony will give up king happened in favor of a standalone event, but we suppose we can’t completely rule out the possibility until the curtain closes on said show.

Another clue is about the Japanese giant could You have a second PS show scheduled for later in the year. This, of course, is also not impossible: in the old days, press conferences were hosted at e 3And GamescomAnd many other conventions, so you can live a second Not an extension. In fact, even during the PS5’s launch year, it had two separate events showcasing the upcoming system’s software.

But all this seems to us like a copium! As we know, Sony barely showed off anything from its first-party studios this week, so they clearly have more to announce at some point. But her strategy is almost impossible to predict these days: Even when you think you know what she’s going to do, like revealing major exclusives during her first proper livestream in over 18 months, she’s doing the opposite.

Still, if these are really insiders Owns Watching trailers for several upcoming unannounced games, it will be interesting to at least know their names. Maybe we’ll get a follow up from Henderson in time…

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