Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s side-by-side first pitches become a game of ‘Who threw it worse?’

Stephen Curry can put a basketball in a hoop from halfcourt, but a baseball in a glove is apparently a different story. His spouse wasn’t much better.

Curry and his wife Ayesha took part in side-by-side first pitches at an Oakland Athletics game on Wednesday. Neither pitch was remarkably bad in the grand scheme of awful first pitches, but the comedy compounds when they’re taken together.

Leo Tolstoy didn’t exactly write “All good first pitches are alike, but every bad first pitch is bad in its own way,” but the Currys illustrate that principle enough. Ayesha’s was the classic soft toss not even close to making it to the catcher, while Stephen appeared to go for the full speed pitch and ended up throwing it more than a yard wide.

Before you praise Ayesha’s as the better pitch, though, take another look at the video and realize she threw it to the wrong catcher. Stephen has also thrown at least one good first pitch in the past, for the Giants (of Tokyo, not San Francisco).

The A’s at least fared a bit better on the mound than the Currys, defeating the Houston Astros 4-2 in the ensuing game to complete a three-game sweep.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry area power couple, but not on the mound. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

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