Stephen Colbert roasted Tucker Carlson before closing the late-night hit

Stephen Colbert is back Late Show Stage Monday night after a week off, practically exploding from his body to finally Being able to talk about all the headlines he missed while he was away.

“We’ve been off the air for a week,” Colbert said in a salute to the audience. “Do you know who else has it? Tucker Carlson! The difference is: I’m allowed to come back.” Even though he had to hold off a whole week in order to get that news to his audience, being able to say “Fox News fired Tucker Carlson” was well worth the wait. “I feel like I had the best pee of my entire life,” declared the newly relieved host.

But those were only the first shots fired in what became a blistering attack on the former Fox News golden boy, unofficially dumped by the network for reasons never officially disclosed or confirmed. Although Colbert had some ideas, including the fact that Carlson was badmouthing colleagues and bosses to friends via private messages that were happily publicized during the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit.

Among the other details we’ve since learned Colbert shared with us: Tucker had quite the potty mouth, and was fond of naming women the C-word. “Nice-mouthed Tucker,” he said positively (not) shocking Colbert. “Do you accept your M&Ms with that mouthful?”

But that was “just the tip of his misogyny,” he said, noting that Carlson was seen mocking his menopausal fans in a video, even though Colbert believes “the best way to stop ovulation forever” is by looking at Tucker. Permanently confused face.

Unfortunately, Colbert’s comeback was bittersweet. Just minutes after he returned to his beloved late-night set, news broke that negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the studios that produce the nightly shows you love (and almost every other show) have broken off, and that the WGA writers are planning to go on strike for the first time in 15 years. years.

Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, W The Daily Show– who was a guest on Dulcé Sloan this week – will all disappear. SNLAnd Last Week Tonight with John OliverAnd Real Time with Bill Maher Everyone can follow suit, depending on whether negotiations can be reached.

The last writers’ strike lasted 100 full days between 2007 and 2008.

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