Taysom Hill: Role isn’t necessarily what I want, but it’s best for the team

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If Taysom Hill had his way, he’d be playing quarterback for the Saints.

Hill doesn’t get to make that call, however, and those that do have pushed him toward tight end. Hill’s overall role is still likely to include taking snaps and moving around the offense, but the Saints have primarily viewed Hill as a tight end since Dennis Allen took over as head coach.

After Tuesday’s practice, Hill said he sees that move as “expanding” the kinds of things that he’s been doing for the Saints in recent years and that he’s happy to see the team “trying to give me the best opportunity to be successful” even if it isn’t the exact opportunity he’d draw up for himself.

“Things aren’t up to me,” Hill said, via the team’s website. “I’m willing to do what I need to do to help us win football games. . . . I love playing, and so it creates opportunities for me to add value and be on the field and compete. . . . That’s the nature of the NFL. This isn’t necessarily what I want, it’s what’s best for the team and I’m good with that.”

Hill suffered a rib injury early in camp and said he’s ramping back up now that he’s resumed practicing. That’s allowing him to devote his attention to the “far more physical element” of the position compared to what he experienced while practicing with the quarterbacks. That process will take a while, but the Saints and Hill hope it will prove to be a prosperous one.

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