Teyana Taylor brings Chick-Fil-A to meet Gala, Usher, and Pusha T Disapprove

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Tiana Taylor

Crashes the Met Gala with Chick-fil-A…

Usher & Pusha T Like 🤦🏿‍♂️!!!

Tiana Taylor She didn’t even give herself a chance to hate the food at this year’s Met Gala…she brought her own meal to the bargain, a full batch of Chick-fil-A which turned heads on her table!!!

Tiana ranted about dropping fried food on her dinner plate and the evening menu which included salmon, asparagus and baby vegetables in fresh lemon cream… delicious!!! 😝

The R&B singer was put on blast by her former Good Music bandmate Pusha T Drizzled with chicken tenders and french fries with Polynesian sauce. He joked (we think) that she was embarrassing the tribe.

Guide She later appeared at the table and playfully hid Teyana’s unauthorized meals… but continued to eat undisturbed.

As Tiana can see, the boys were jealous that they were left with a seemingly mediocre polenta of peas while the boneless, baked goodness was all for her!!!

last year, lizo He went on an epic rant about the 2022 Met Gala… especially how terrible the food was. Tiana must have seen this and decided to control her food destiny!

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