The Cardinals bid for the Raiders #7 overall

The Cardinals made three trades over their first 33 draft picks, fumbled two downs and hit the ground running Paris Johnson. The middle trade came together late, with the Cardinals’ late showing conspicuously preventing the Lions from making a shocking decision- Jahmir Gibbs At No. 6 overall.

before GM Ossenfurt Mountains He pitched a successful commercial to his Detroit counterpart Brad HolmesArizona’s rookie front office chief made a pitch for the Raiders. GM discussed the No. 7 overall pick in a deal that would have moved the Raiders to the No. 12 spot, NBC Sports’ Peter King reports. Arizona’s proposal would have sent Las Vegas to the No. 33 overall pick, it would seem, which would have given the Raiders three picks between Nos. 12 and 38.

Although the Raiders combined with the top five quarterbacks from the draft class, Josh McDaniels He said just prior to the draft (per King, granted access to the war room) the Raiders had four non-quarterback prospects targeted for the seventh, but the team considered offering the Cardinals a selection. Like McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler Looking to move to 12, the Cardinals ended up making the trade to the Lions.

The Raiders ended up at Texas Tech defensive end Terry Wilson In the seventh, but King adds McDaniels considered the possibility of the team adding a Capital Draft and then choosing to tackle Oklahoma Anton Harrison At No. 12. The Raiders were ahead on both Harrison and Johnson, which makes the draft road they finished interesting. Not only did the Silver and Black not draft a tackle over the weekend, they didn’t draft any offensive linemen. Harrison ended up 27th overall for Jaguars.

Vegas moved up at No. 35 to pick a tight end from Notre Dame Michael MeyerAnd, by the time the third round was over, the Raiders had added both Meyer and a wide receiver Tree Tucker. (The Raiders attempted to get back to the first round with Meyer in mind, per King, who added that the Chiefs discussed No. 31 with their rivals briefly.) Jacob Myers $16 million fully guaranteed. As of now, the Raiders will be assigned an offensive line made up entirely of players on the 2022 roster. Even so, the team has re-signed Brandon Parker, the tackle who missed last season due to an injury. Although there was little doubt about the Raiders’ O-line going into last season, the barriers helped Josh Jacobs He became the first rider to win the rushing title since then Mark Allen in 1985. Pro Football Focus ranked the Las Vegas O-line 10th last season, despite McDaniels’ Harrison noting which team is targeting the position.

Regarding the player the Raiders took on in the first round, teams have expressed concerns about injury to the talented pass rusher in the past. Ziegler confirmed that the Raiders are one of the teams to have Wilson medically cleared, joining the Cardinals and Texans (presumably among others). Not all teams have made it past the previous Big 12. Several teams said, via The Washington Post’s Jason LaCanfora, that they would not have taken Wilson due to Lisfranc’s season-ending fracture for the Red Raiders. Wilson, who also had back problems last year, required two surgeries to repair the fracture.

Our board was right. We needed three quarterbacks to go, and we’re very happy that we got one of the four quarterbacks who were the best rated players we had on the board.McDaniels (voiced by King) said in the war room after the team picked Wilson. “Look, we must speed up the passers-by. We must go get it (Patrick) Mahomes And (Justin) Herbert. That’s four games a year for the next few years against these amazing young players. The AFC is full of these amazing young players. This is a great result for us. “

raiders have Max Crosby Signed in the long run, and during Chandler JonesThe $17 million a year deal runs through 2024, and it’s certainly possible that the team will move on from the former All-Pro game after this season. Jones’ warranties cover this season only. Wilson will mix with the veterans this season, but he may be Crosby’s top roster pro soon.

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