The cops go to Keanu Reeves’ house to check on the woman’s well-being, it’s a big mix


Keanu Reeves

Cops: Knock-knock, who’s there?

Um, it’s me… Keanu!!!

The police knocked Keanu Reeves“The front door after receiving a call to check up on the woman’s care…but when the representative answered, they found out it was all a mix-up or a joke.

Law enforcement tells TMZ… Cops recently responded to Keanu’s home in Los Angeles after someone called the police, concerned about a 27-year-old woman.

Police say the caller told them they hadn’t spoken to their girlfriend in a while, and were worried about her…they even provided her full date of birth, and what type of car she was driving.

We’re told the caller asked the police to run a welfare check to make sure the woman was okay — but when the cops got to the house and knocked on the door, they were surprised to see Keanu answer.

Police say they told Keanu how they ended up on his doorstep, but the “John Wick” star didn’t know about the woman in question…and told the cops she definitely didn’t live with him.

It’s unclear if the caller genuinely had the wrong address or was looking for attention through a joke – but we’re told Keanu was very nice and accommodating with the officers, living up to his rep.

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