The Five Best ‘Destiny 2’ Legendary Arc Weapons Heading Into Season 18

We may not end up getting an Arc 3.0 preview before Destiny 2 season 18 arrives, given Bungie’s scaled back communication and the fact that it’s what happened with Solar 3.0. But we do know the basics, which include the idea that you will probably have a few go-to favorites for that elemental type that will help synergize with whatever build you’re making.

Previously, I just did a basic legendary list of every non-sunset arc weapon in Destiny 2, but at this point, I wanted to narrow that down to the five best heading into Arc 3.0, and what I’m going to have ready to go, even if new arc weapons arrive with Incandescent-style must-have perks. I mean, gotta start somewhere, right? And at baseline, everyone is probably going to have some kind of basic Arc elemental well build that boosts their damage. So, here we go:

5. Sweet Sorrow – This is from Season of the Risen and craftable into whatever perfect form you want. A 720 RPM auto rifle that shreds, especially my Stats for All/One for All version, plus it has the Land Tank origin trait, one of the best in the game, that gives you a stacking resist bonus.

4. Stochastic Variable – Every element seems to have its meta 900 rpm SMG, Funnelweb for Void, Calus Mini-Tool for Solar, now it very well may be Stochastic Variable’s time to shine, as this thing absolutely rips and the only downside is that there’s nowhere to get it anymore, as it’s been taken out of the world loot pool. Look for Xur to bring one, I guess.

3. IKELOS SMG – This was one of the OG favorite SMGs in Destiny 2, but now it may have new relevance thanks to Arc 3.0. It’s 720 rpm, not 900 like Stochastic, but it also can generate Warmind Cells, which are still a thing, even if they’ve been nerfed at this point. I expect to see a rise in usage here next season.

2. Forbearance – One of the best mob clearing special weapons in the game just happens to be arc. This wave frame grenade launcher can roll with Chain Reaction, making it an excellent choice for most loadouts, and with boosted damage and other potential arc triggers, it’s potentially one to watch.

1. Stormchaser – This almost isn’t even fair because Stormchaser being so good has pretty much nothing to do with it being arc, and it’s all to do with the new three-round burst aggressive linear fusion archetype. This is such a damage outlier I’d almost expect a nerf heading into next season, but I hope not. If you’re running a build that boosts your arc weapon damage, this will get even better, and even pre-Arc 3.0 here, I almost never take mine off. Head to Duality to get yours now.

Honorable mentions:

  • Darkest Before – Snappy Pulse Rifle I love
  • Insidious – Dragonfly/One for All, anyone?
  • Horror’s Least – One of the best pulses in the game, now with Adept version
  • Posterity – 180 buffs!
  • Forgiveness – The new Trials sidearm that may now pay off in spades
  • Wolftone Draw – One of my favorite bows if I’m not going to be using Trinity Ghoul
  • PLUG.ONE.1 – Adept version with lots of good rolls
  • Nezerec’s Whisper – Our only arc glaive and glaives are great so…
  • Hothead – If you don’t have a Stormchaser

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