The full list of Chicago Bears 2024 selections

It’s only been two days since the 2023 NFL Draft wrapped, so you might think it’s crazy to start thinking about the 2024 NFL Draft already. But Ryan Poles said the Bears have got a reporting guy on top expectations expected in next year’s class, and if the Bears are already thinking about 2024, we’re thinking about 2024, too.

We’ll start with the basics though. After making 10 selections in the 2023 draft, the Bears are currently slated to make eight selections next year. That’s already over seven picks Each team starts with ー one pick per round. The Bears could end up with more if they decide to get some through a trade, or if they are given comp picks at the end of the year. For now, here’s how to change everything.

  • First round pick
  • First round pick (via Panthers)
  • Second round selection
  • Third round pick
  • Fourth round selection
  • Fourth-round pick (Eagles)
  • Fifth round selection
  • Sixth round pick

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The Bears acquired their first additional head coach from the Panthers in the deal that sent first place overall in 2023 to Carolina. The fourth Philly player in the deal came as the Bears and Eagles traded No. 9 and 10 picks in this year’s draft. The Eagles came out to grab Jalen Carter while the Bears trailed back one spot and caught Darnell Wright. The Bears traded their seventh-round pick to the Patriots for N’Keal Harry last summer.

It’s too early to tell where in the draft these picks will be decided, since draft order is determined by how each team finishes the year. Using Super Bowl betting odds, we can get an idea of ​​how Vegas bookmakers think each team will fare. Right now, PointsBet has the Bears listed at +4000 probability to win it all, which puts them 17th in the league. Meanwhile, the Panthers are listed at +5,000, which puts them tied with the Rams and Steelers as the bottom ten team. Again, it’s too early to tell where each pick will land, but Vegas doesn’t think any of the Bears’ first-round draft picks next year will be in the top five.

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