The Galaxy A54 5G mid-ranger from Samsung is on sale at a new record discount

You should very likely buy The best mid-range Samsung phone available now? Probably not at its $449.99 list price, since there are plenty of excellent alternatives from other brands on the market available today for cheap with similar or even objectively superior hardware features.

But with Android 13 preinstalled and a total of four major future OS updates guaranteed, the The Galaxy A54 is an undeniable software champ (and not just by mid-range standards) while it costs $75 less than usual at the time of writing.
You don’t need to choose a specific carrier to instantly activate your Galaxy A54 with 5G, and you don’t have to meet any other special conditions or jump through hoops of any kind to save $75.

While Best Buy has both the “Awesome Violet” and “Awesome Graphite” versions of the phone in stock at the new special price, Amazon appears to be out of stock of the previous model, at least temporarily, indicating very strong demand.

Obviously, this makes sense given the aforementioned stellar software support that was promised The world’s best smartphone seller, but also the big battery and reasonably powerful processor under the A54’s glass and plastic hood, plus the three solid cameras mounted on the back, and last but not necessarily least, the microSD card slot that you can use to easily expand the 128GB of internal storage.
Is this the Best budget phone? for the hardcore Samsung fans, sure, and for people who care more about software updates than things like charging speeds or superior designs, the answer is also a definite yes, and a pretty loud one.

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