The Hollywood icon shares a shocking health update

Michael J. Fox says his struggle with Parkinson’s disease is getting worse.

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Michael J. Fox shared in an interview recently that his struggle with Parkinson’s disease has become more difficult and that he has become increasingly aware of his death. The beloved star of the Back to the Future movies recently sat down with Jane Pauley for an interview CBS Sunday MorningHe described the continuing development of the disease and his struggle to live with it. “Every day it gets harder,” Fox said of the disease, which actor and comedian Richard Lewis was recently diagnosed with.

The Michael J. Fox interview comes ahead of the release of a new documentary about the actor’s life, directed by Davis Guggenheim. Still: A Michael J. Fox Film The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was met with acclaim from critics, including Daniel Fienberg, who said the film “delivers the essence of Fox’s energy and generational appeal”. This energy has kept him going through the decades since his diagnosis at age 29.

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But the disease never defeated the actor, and instead inspired him to create the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, which seeks to improve treatments for those with Parkinson’s disease and the search for a cure. According to Fox, the disease itself is not fatal. He told Polly, “You’re not dying of Parkinson’s disease, you’re dying of Parkinson’s disease.”

The deadly side effects of the disease are already present in Michael J Fox’s life. Accidents, including dragging food and falling, are the cause of most Parkinson’s disease deaths, and Fox actually suffered a fall after having surgery on a benign tumor on his spine that impeded his movement. The fall he suffered resulted in fractures in his arms and fractures in his hand and face.

It may be difficult for Michael J. Fox fans, many of whom have followed his career and life for decades, to see the actor at this point in his battle against Parkinson’s disease, but he has always remained an upbeat and positive personality, even at the same time. He was honest about the realities of his health struggles. For the film, Guggenheim was allowed to use whatever imagery he wished to tell Fox’s story, with no restrictions on things that might be painful or difficult. Fox’s bluntness and blunt attitude is evident when he tells Paulie, “I’m not going to be 80.”

Michael J. Fox, 61, continues to live each day knowing that it may be his last. Almost Die filming a scene for Back to the future part three Back in 1989, the former teen idol knew a thing or two about facing death. He also knows the importance of celebrating the love and connection he has in his life, taking time as much as possible to connect with fans and even reunite with them. Back to the future costars.

Michael J Fox’s career has spanned a number of successes on the big and small screens, including his hits on hit TV shows family ties And Spin Citythe first of which was famously shot during the day during filming Back to the future at night. Known for his comedic talents in movies like Life with MickeyAnd The FrightenersAnd Teen WolfHe also took on dramatic roles, such as Bright lights, big cityIt is a movie dealing with drug addiction. Addiction would affect the life of the star as well, as he started a habit of using drugs and alcohol to hide the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

All of this and more is explored in Still: A Michael J. Fox Film, which already has a perfect score from Rotten Tomatoes ahead of its May 12 premiere on Apple TV+. As Fox continues to share his struggles, he also continues to share hope for those going through the same, similarly dark places. As he overcomes obstacles and continues to lead the healing mission, his story and spirit make us hopeful that, as a friend once said, “If you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything.”

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