The Lost Wild Looks Like a Jurassic Park Survival Horror

Closing out today’s Annapurna Interactive showcase, we got a first look at a new game from Great Ape Games that looks like a Jurassic Park survival horror. It’s called The Lost Wild, and it’s coming to PC…sometime.

The Lost Wild appears to be some kind of survival horror game in the first person perspective. We see a player exploring a dense jungle full of dinosaurs, some of which appear to be mostly harmless-ish (like a plant-eating stegosaurus) and others that are clearly full of teeth and ready to chomp down on a person.

There’s some sneaking around the jungle trying to avoid these hungry dinos, and there are also some spooky looking interiors briefly shown that include whiteboard notes indicating science or research of some kind being done, and at one point the player tosses a flare to distract or confuse some threatening dinos. Though this isn’t a Jurassic Park licensed game as far as we can tell, it’s clearly playing off some of those vibes.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of The Lost Wild as it gets closer to release. We don’t have any detail on a release window or platforms yet, except that it has a page up on Steam as of today and you can wishlist it if you want. Hopefully we’ll see more scary dinos soon.

You can get a full rundown of everything announced at today’s Annapurna Interactive showcase in our roundup.

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