The new Galaxy foldable lineup looks great

That’s enough Pixel Fold talk for today. Now it’s time to set our sights on what Samsung has planned for its foldable roadmap for 2023, and those plans obviously consist of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The one and only @tweet He went on to partner with a couple of publications to share high-resolution renders of the upcoming devices. Taking a quick look at the images, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 doesn’t seem to change much at all (save for an updated hinge system), but the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is getting a serious update on the outside, and honestly, it looks pretty good.

We can clearly see that the cover display on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has been enlarged considerably, now reportedly coming in at 3.4 inches. This is a similar step to what we’ve come to expect from the new Moto Razr. Inside, we don’t see any noticeable differences.

As for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the only thing I notice is the LED flash movement of the rear camera system. On the Galaxy Z Fold 4, it was positioned with the cameras, but now it’s detached and placed on the right side. Not a huge change, but it’s something. In the hand, the phone should feel slightly less bulky than the Z Fold 4, with a fold thickness of 13.4mm. The Z Fold 4 came in from 14.2mm to 15.8mm, due to the hinge gap. On the Z Fold 5, there is reportedly no hinge gap, which is probably the biggest change set for the device.

We highly recommend checking out all the images of both devices by following the links below. They are worth your time.

// Media Peanut | smartbreaks

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