The Pixel 7a keeps popping up on eBay

We’re just a week away from Google’s expected announcement of the Pixel 7a, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks. Right now, there’s a bunch of brand-new Pixel 7a units up for sale on eBay, and they’re not even that expensive.

Google’s Pixel 7a has been leaked to death at this point, and we know everything there is to know about it. It has a new 90Hz screen, better camera, two new color variants, wireless charging, and more. We reported last month that the phone would ring in at $499, an increase of $50 over the previous model.

So really, the fact that a bunch of Pixel 7a units keep turning up on eBay doesn’t tell us anything new, it’s surprising to see so many out there.

Two of these lists were first spotted by u/-If-you-See-amy- on Reddit, and we’ve since discovered a total of Seven Pixel 7a listings, including unsold and already sold units. The Pixel 7a units being sold appear to have been intended for sale in Canada, but have appeared on eBay accounts in Texas, Florida, and Virginia. It appears that at least one seller has sold at least three units so far.

No one had ever heard of early sales of smartphones via eBay, but what’s a little strange here is that these units are being sold for rock-bottom prices, with one selling for just $380, and the most expensive we’ve seen at $550. With a retail price expected to be $499, this is definitely a bit of a scratch, especially for units selling for less than that price.

We absolutely do not recommend purchasing these devices. While some vendors appear to be reasonably reputable, it’s largely unknown where these units come from, and since they’re sold out before the phone is actually available, it’s entirely possible that Google remotely disabled them.

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