The Sunkissed Vibes OPI Xbox Collaboration Controller makes me want to play outside

What looks like a bottle of sunscreen and feels like it belongs in a ’90s fever dream? Microsoft’s new Xbox x OPI controller collaboration. The Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition “Sunkissed Vibes” is inspired by the nail polish brand’s Summer Make the Rules collection. These kinds of fashion collaborations aren’t new, and this controller doesn’t have any special features you won’t find on a standard gamepad, except for the fact that it really does look ridiculously good.

Hues borrowed from OPI’s makeup collection give the console a signature look, spray-painting its back in pastel blue and adorning the front with splashes of soft-but-shiny orange. It’s these unique hues that make these types of collaborations so unique — you might be able to create a custom gamepad with the Xbox Design Lab, but those consoles don’t have access to the custom colors that nail polish brand designers mix. I even tried to design a similar controller using the app, and it just didn’t have the same vibes, or otherwise.

The console’s landing page doesn’t mention the OPI colors Microsoft borrowed for the gamepad, but at a glance, it appears to be drawn in “Dancing in Stilettos” and “Surf Naked.” The polish collection has 51 whimsically named shades to choose from—just in case your bright console inspires you to head to the beach.

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