The Taraxippos and The Title God Rolls for the Guardians of Destiny 2 games

The difficult-to-spell and pronounce Destiny 2 newcomer is here, gun Taraxippos, who I discovered after a bit of googling was a ghost that haunted race courses in ancient Greece and frightened horses. How did they even find these words?

In any case, Taraxippos is Destiny 2’s first Strand Scout rifle, which sets it apart from the rifle that clearly inspired it, Hung Jury, even if it can roll with a lot of the same stuff. It’s also a 200rpm and lightweight frame, not a strictly 180 frame like Hung Jury, so it feels more snappy.

So, what are God rolls?

Instant Zen/Kill Clip or explosive payload -Guess what, you’re in luck, this is a curated list that they give to everyone for free. It’s a great PvP roll no matter what feature you like there, Explosive Payload is also great in PvE as well.

Zen Moment or Moving Target / Keep Away – This is an interesting potential PvP game focused on a roll completely on stats by putting Keep Away in the second column, when it would normally be in the first column.

Outlaw or Zen Moment / Encore – This is a neat concept for PvE as with frequent kills, especially precision kills, you’ll have massive permanent combos from Encore that’s recently gotten a buff to be even better.

Outlaw/Hatchling – In the end, this is probably the main PvE roll that I will take. I mean, what, are you going to get a Scout Strand Rifle and a no Trying to get one with a hatchling? This is clearly the best of the Warlocks whose strand build is usually heavily inclined towards roosters, but they are fine in any class regardless. But you might want to use explosive instead for other classes.

As a bonus, here are some listings for The Title as well, last year’s SMG that returned with new franchises:

Perpetual Motion or Threat Detector / Reaction Tool – Any weapon void that can roll with Repulsor Brace would be an easy pick up, I think the only SMG that can now is the weapon from Duality dungeon, which not many people may have, and Guardian Games is a free event. (Update: I forgot the Iron Banner’s Hero’s Burden. But it can’t roll anymore.)

Dynamic Vibration Reduction / Rangefinder – This is a PvP roll that unfortunately The Immortal will beat in every way, but if you don’t have that, then this is your next best option for a similar type of weapon.

Threat Detector / Surrounded – These two have mated well since the dawn of time, and Surrounded recently got a damage buff, so you might want to consider this.

Happy hunting! Go titans.

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