This game is like Doom, except you’re playing tennis in hell

What do demons do in Hell when they do not torment souls and climb through brimstone? This is a question that has baffled scholars and religious scholars for hundreds of years. The free game Racket hell He offers one theory for intellectuals to peruse–devils compete for which sport is better, clearly.

Developer Helltown Racketeers describes its gameplay as follows: “Play as a fallen angel who seeks redemption by punishing satanic worshipers who don’t play the holiest of sports….tennis!” Instead of skulls hanging on bayonets, there are football helmets. The map is filled with different sportswear, hot dog courts, and equipment from fallen athletes. My Journey to the Arena is sponsored by the companies that have set up shop in the Devil’s Domain, and it is full of angry demons.

I’m like Doomguy (you know, from Doom) but with a tennis racket instead of a gun or chainsaw. Sometimes I find a tennis ball, and I can use it with a monster face. I can get other upgrades on the court, like one that gives me an extra-large tennis racket for easier grappling.

The gameplay is relatively simple. Demons shoot projectiles at me, and I use my bat to shoot them directly, turning them into a delicious burger or soda for me to cover my health and replenish my health. If I overwhelm myself, I slow down, dodge, and run from there. Several times the game pushed me off the map and into the sky, which definitely wasn’t ideal, but after a quick float I was able to get off and get back to work.

It’s not exactly the most traditional game of hell – or tennis – but it’s a fun romp through some ridiculous territory. Racket hell Released on Monday, it’s available for free on Windows PC via Steam.

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