Trans TikTok star Jesse Sullivan says Paul Stanley has a transgender problem

Star via TikTok Jesse Sullivan

We don’t move for fun

… kissing mistake Paul Stanley

Star via TikTok Jesse Sullivan says the KISS singer Paul StanleyIt’s misplaced to criticize children who move in… Those who move out aren’t doing it heresy, Jesse says.

We got Jesse F Francesca Farago Monday at LAX and asked him about Paul’s controversial comments, in which the rocker claimed children are encouraged to move at an early age.

Jesse says anyone considering moving does because deep down they know who they really are…and he says the process is anything but fun. As he moves in, Jesse says he lost his family and explains why the process is hard on body and mind, not to mention the social changes.

Jesse acknowledges that it’s a hot issue right now…but he thinks trans kids need real support because there’s so much to fear in this climate.

We also asked Jesse and Francesca about it Dwyane WadeThe decision to transfer him A family from Florida Because of LGBTQ policies in the state…and they told us they actually skipped an event in Florida for the same reasons.

It’s a fun conversation…and Jessie has so much praise for Dwayne’s 15-year-old daughter he willwhich in 2020 They came out as transgender.

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