Triple H expected to announce new SummerSlam match for Seth Rollins (Reports)

Dave Meltzer speculated that Triple H could announce a new SummerSlam match for Seth Rollins after Riddle was recently written off the show with a storyline injury.

As announced by WWE, Riddleus a brachial plexus injury due to Rollins attack on RAW. Rollins reacted to his canceled SummerSlam match and apologized to fans in a heartfelt tweet.

Triple H responded interestingly to Rollins’ message, which hinted at The Cerebral Assassin possibly working on setting up a new bout.

Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Triple H “babyfaced himself” with his response and that he could “save the day” by announcing a replacement opponent for Rollins:

“They moved it [Rollins vs Riddle] to Clash at the Castle for whatever reason. That’s what they did,” stated Dave Meltzer. “And I got the impression from that tweet that it’s like Triple H kind of ‘babyfacing’ himself where he takes away a match, and you’re all disappointed. Well, injury takes away the match, although it’s a worked injury. So, he comes and saves the day and, you know, announces a match…”

When will WWE confirm Seth Rollins’ new SummerSlam match?

WWE is running out of time to shed some light on Seth Rollins’ status. The promotion has one SmackDown episode left before SummerSlam.

As reported earlier, Riddle was removed from SummerSlam as WWE wished to save his showdown with Rollins for Clash at the Castle.

Rollins also seemingly ditched his heel persona in his latest social media post, indicating that another storyline update could be on the way:

“I guess they’ll announce a match on Friday’s SmackDown or tomorrow or whatever,” Meltzer added. “Seth Rollins was talking about the heel is going like, ‘I worked so hard, I deserved to be on this show, and I really want to wrestle on this show.’ That was quite the babyface tweet, too. So, yeah, it’s one of his first moves is, I guess, doing this and the other big move. ” (H/T: RingSideNews)

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