Troy Kotsur recovers stolen Jeep (and his Oscar)

Troy Kotsur

Troy Kotsur
Image: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

CODA‘s Troy Kotsur recently had his Jeep stolen in Mesa, Arizona (Jeep people will know that nothing ever happens to a Jeep owner’s “car,” it’s always specifically their Jeep), and while that was probably very frustrating, what was probably more frustrating was what got stolen alongside Kotsur’s Jeep: No, not his mirror dice, dashboard hula dancer, or a third funny thing that someone would have in a Jeepbut his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. That means Kotsur either carries around his Oscar, which is a cool power move, or he just keeps it in his Jeep… which is also a cool power move. Basically, anything you do with an Oscar other than putting it on a shelf is cool.

This all comes from deadline, which says Kotsur posted on Twitter about the police recovering his Jeep from “a little kid” who stole it, with the Oscar safely recovered as well. Kotsur’s tweets have since been deleted for some reason, but The Hollywood Reporter got confirmation from the Mesa Police Department that “two juveniles” admitted to stealing the car (sorry, the Jeep) and were “remanded to the custody of the Maricopa County Juvenile Court System.”

That’s all kind of a bummer, since we’d all surely prefer if the end of the story was “the kids apologized and got a picture with Kotsur and his Oscar because everything was fine and then nobody got in trouble,” but America’s gotta america Let’s go back to the things someone might have in a Jeep, since that was more fun: Probably not in Arizona, but how about an ice scraper? Or a jack? Some kind of wrench? You don’t want to carry an Emmy around with all of those sharp edges that could break or poke something, but maybe a Grammy Award? You know, the kind of thing that can get banged around and you won’t care.


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