U mad, bro?: Steelers fans split on booing Mason Rudolph, Pirates fans on edge about Dennis Eckersley’s comments

Some people are mad that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph got booed Saturday night. Others seem to think he got off easy.

Some people are angry at what Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley said about the Pirates. Others seem to think he could have poured it on more.

Some people want Bob Nutting to sell the Pirates. Now he’s buying up other Pittsburgh companies.

Some people think discourse and dialogue in America are dead. Others read “U mad, bro?”

Thank you for being a good American.

Stan replied to me after I sent a sarcastic tweet about Pirates owner Bob Nutting buying Wigle Whiskey and Threadbare Cider.

Yes. Me. Anytime I write a negative column about the Steelers.

By the way, is there a greater irony in Pittsburgh than Bob Nutting buying a company named “Threadbare”? Has he seen his own team’s roster lately?

I know Dennis Eckersley has.

Speaking of Eck’s “hodgepodge of nothingness” comments about the Pirates with Dave O’Brien on Tuesday’s NESN broadcast from PNC Park, Bethann does not like the fact that I supported everything they said.

“Seriously, you agree with these guys? They were rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful. It’s not the players’ fault. They are trying as best they can with the cheapness of Nutting. So why should those two Red Sox announcers get credit for humiliating the players? Why didn’t they blame Nutting by name? Why not blame the city of Pittsburgh for allowing (the) old man and son to continue while taxpayers pay for the stadium? Why not blame MLB who knows Nutting lines his pockets? Because they are chicken to blame anyone but the innocent players. Who cares if Eck is a hall of famer it gives him no excuse to be hateful. And the Pirates were not blown out. 5-3 is respectable btw. And have those two forgotten their team is a bunch of cheaters who got away with it because MLB favors Sox and big money teams? Ugh! I can’t believe you bought this nonsense. Shame on you!”

When did he “blame” the players themselves? Eckersley was blaming the assembly of those players by Nutting and his management. They mentioned Ben Cherington by name. That’s not enough?

I mean, it’s obvious they were talking about management and ownership. Who else would they be referencing? Eckersley’s screed wasn’t attacking the players themselves. He was attacking those that are throwing them onto a Major League diamond with no prayer of winning and are profiting off that decision.

And as far as saying “shame on me,” I haven’t been “shamed” by someone since my mother scolded me when I was in high school. That was 1992.

You know, the last year this franchise actually won a division title.

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Dara agrees with Neil Walker’s recent criticism of Oneil Cruz’s approach at the plate.

“Any coach can clearly see Cruz’s head is not down and watching the ball the whole way on the bat. A better than average batting coach should be able to correct this, but with the team batting in the .250s it is clear the batting coach is not seeing the issues.”

That may be true. The hitting coach may not be seeing the issues. But you may not be seeing the stats.

“Batting in the .250s”? They wish! Try .220.

Amy emailed, agreeing with my stance that Mason Rudolph shouldn’t have been booed by Steelers fans when he took the field Saturday for the preseason win over the Seattle Seahawks.

“Thank you so much for putting this out there. I cringed in my seat when the people behind me at the game started to boo Mason when he came on the field. He just doesn’t deserve the crowd response he gets. I felt smug satisfaction when he perfectly plunked that ball into the hands of Pickens. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but in my book, you don’t boo people on your side. Save that for the opponents.”

If a player doesn’t give full effort or does/says something dumb publicly that brings negativity to the team or the city, I get that booing may be appropriate in those circumstances there.

Booing the result of a bad play doesn’t even bother me.

But when that play is … hmm, let me see here … booing a quarterback who gets stripped sacked from behind because the offensive tackle screwed up, that’s a little excessive. And that’s what Rudolph endured on Saturday.

Plus, I mean, c’mon. It’s a preseason game. And the guy has handled the three-headed QB cluster as professionally as anyone could. That’s what I thought of when I saw him take the field against the Seahawks.

He’s not a person who should be held responsible for coaching and management decisions.

Unfortunately, Amy, it seems a segment of the fanbase disagrees with us.

This guy sees the Rudolph situation a different way.

Rudolph didn’t “blame Ben every chance he got.” That’s histrionic. He also didn’t “bring this on himself.” He’s not the one who drafted Kenny Pickett or signed Mitch Trubisky.

The only thing true in this tweet is describing Rudolph’s play as mediocre. Aside from that, it’s all “a hodgepodge of nothingness.”

Since we are back on Eck again, let’s squeeze in one more tweet.

Got one in black?

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