VIDEO: Brutal replays show Mike Perry’s punch that sent Luke Rockhold into the teeth at BKFC 41

Mike Berry scored his third consecutive BKFC ring win this past Saturday – his win coming at the expense of Luke Rockhold’s teeth.

In the second round of their main fight at BKFC 41 in Denver, Perry connected with a punch that hit Rockhold’s mouth and sent a piece of his tooth flying. Shortly after that shot, Rockhold alerted the referee about the damage to his teeth, causing the fight to be stopped and Perry winning by TKO.

After the event ended, BKFC President David Feldman explained that Rockhold had already had too many teeth, which was why he could not continue the fight.

“Luke Rockhold, some of his teeth were knocked out,” Feldman explained in a post-game 41 press conference for BKFC. “And that’s why he wasn’t able to continue. His teeth were really badly messed up.”

Rockhold posted a video of himself showing the gruesome aftermath of the fight, which also included him receiving several stitches to his lip to close an open wound during the ferocious exchanges with Perry.

“Well, f***. What can I say? You can check the inadequacy of the list from the list,” said Rockhold. “It’s some crazy f***. It made me those little knuckles, square on the front teeth.”

Rockhold went on to say he wasn’t done with the fight but next time “some gloves would be nice”.

Once home, Rockhold posted on his Instagram that he had already had dental work done to repair the damage from what appears to be his first and only fight.

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