“We gave him great consideration”

Prior to the draft, some in league circles believed that the Seahawks would take quarterback Anthony Richardson with the fifth overall pick in the draft, if he was there.

Obviously it wasn’t.

On Monday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked in an appearance on Seattle Sports Radio how seriously the team considered the man who went to the Colts at #4.

We considered itWe shot, we flew all the way there to go see him. Not just to see him but to be around him and watch him and how he handles himself, his program with all the noise that was going on. We gave him great consideration. He may be the best athlete ever drafted at the position. It can be said that it is. So, we definitely had to think about it.”

Carroll has been around in the NFL for decades. He knows Richardson is a rare talent, with a very high ceiling. He was the only potential star in this class.

It would be great to keep track of the careers of Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Richardson, and Will Levis. History tells us that one or more of them will be great – and one or more of them won’t. And if they stop, it simply won’t be their fault.

Pete Carroll on Anthony Richardson: “We’ve given him a lot of attention” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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