Xbox players were encouraged to change two camera settings in Redfall

RedfallThe launch of Xbox Game Pass has finally arrived, and between a raft of initial impressions, gamers are starting to tinker with in-game settings to deliver a smoother all-round experience.

Much has been said about the team’s decision to start with just 30fps, but a few changes to the camera settings can help mitigate the input lag that often comes with a lower frame rate. We have tested it ourselves and can confirm These changes make a huge difference (especially the “Preset Input Response” option), so we’ll include a step-by-step guide on changing these settings below.

Redfall Xbox Series X and Series S camera settings.

First, head to the game options menu and from here, select Settings under System.

Xbox pass redfall game

Then scroll down to Console and select this option.

Redfall xbox settings

You will then be shown a few options to change your camera settings in Redfall. Move “Input Response Preset” to a little he Absolute must – It greatly reduces the initial input lag that you will feel while playing the game.

From there, it’s a matter of fiddling with the Sensitivity Control option to find your favorite number. We loved sitting in 4 on a scale.

Xbox Redfall

And there you have it, while 60fps will undoubtedly help with input lag more, this is the best way to play Redfall right now, before the performance mode patch arrives.

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