Zelda English VA officially confirms her return in Kingdom Tears

Image: Nintendo

If there is one voice that always stands out from the rest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it has to be that of Princess Zelda. Since 2017, she’s been played by the talented Patricia Summersett, and it’s now officially confirmed that she’s back in Link’s new adventure.

As part of this exciting news, she uploaded a short video message to social media, stating how excited she is to be back while thanking Nintendo and the team at NoA, and can’t wait for the Tears of the Kingdom release date.

Patricia Summerset: I gave Nintendo a thumbs up to confirm that I’m reaffirming my role as Princess Zelda in Legend of #Zelda: #TearsoftheKingdom. I’m obviously very excited to be back (thank you Nintendo) and I’m looking forward to May 12th!

Thank you Nintendo and the amazing team at NintendoAmerica. The adult in me is being honored and the child in me is flirting now.

If you didn’t think you’d heard Patricia as Zelda in the new game yet, maybe go back and listen to the latest set of official trailers. You should be able to hear it throughout these videos as you ask Link to find it.

Summerset’s confirmation comes after Matthew Mercer (best known as Cole Cassidy in Overwatch and Chrom in Fire Emblem) revealed himself as the voice of Ganondorf last month.

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